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In the pages that follow you’ll find the most information you need to help you make the right choice about traveling abroad for dental treatment, you can find all about the clinics, essential information on dental treatment, find the travel way that’s right for you, get useful tips on things to see and places to eat in Brasov, find out about our sevices in detail, including guarantees and prices, have answered some common question or send us an email to answer some not so common question.
Health services in Romania are up to 75%the cheapeast in the European Union.
See the Price Comparison. Dental West naturally passes this benefit onto its clients.
Even together with air travel, 5 or 4-star accommodation in the city centre and arranged programmes patients are better off coming to Brasov for top quality treatment than seeking care at home. The only difference compared to Western countries is in price, not in standard, and Dental West guarantees perfect quality at exceptionally good prices Beside the good prices, we wish to offer you an unforgettable holiday in Romania.
We will be your host and will provide you with any information that you might need.
We have the advantage that Brasov is situated in the hart of Romania. This makes it possible for you to see all the important touristic places without making your holiday an exhausting one. In order to accomplish this we recommend you a few 1-2 days long trips.
You can discover Brasov, one of the most beautiful towns in Romania and its surroundings; you can find out more about the famous Dracula legend by visiting the Bran Castle; you can visit the wonderful monasteries situated in the North part of Moldova; you can see the Peles Castle; during the cold season you can practice winter sports in the mountain resorts situated very close to Brasov; you can taste the traditional foods and drinks.
You can see all these and a lot more!
Your first trip in Romania will not be your last! You will come back!

1. Center Clinic

Street Iuliu Maniu,no.68,Sc.A,ap.1 with marker point – opposite Hospital St.Constantin      Brasov-Romania
Postal code:500091

Coordonate GPS N 45.65051° x E 25.60630°

Tel.004 0268.415.587004 0268.415.587

2. Astra Clinic

Str. Livada Vulturului 10 ,etaj 2,ap.24( in building of Policlinica de Diagnostic Rapid)

Brasov – Romania

Postal code:500366

Coordonate GPS: N 45.64110°x E 25.62388°

Tel.004 0268.324.225004 0268.324.225

3. Craiter Clinic

Str.  Harmanului ,no.116,bl.12,sc.A,ap.1 ,with marker point  – opposite  supermarket  Lidl.

Parking  at supermarket Lidl.

Brasov – Romania

Cod Postal:500366

Coordonate GPS: N45.6638394 x E25.6312359

Tel.004 0268 539252004 0268 539252

1.Taking you from the airport in Bucharest (on your arrival and departure) – 2 ways, going and return = 60×2=120 euro


Here are some prices:

Aparthotel in Brasov

Apartment  with 1 room , kitchen , toilette = 30-40 euro / 1 night                                                                              Apartment with 2 rooms , kitchen , toilette = 40-50 euro / 1 night
Agro-touristic 3 stars lodging – near Brasov
Single room = 25-35 euro/night
Double room = 30-40 euro/night
3 stars lodging in Brasov
Single room = 45-60 euro/night
Double room = 50-65 euro/night
3 stars hotel in Brasov
Single room = 50-65 euro/night
Double room = 60-75 euro/night
4 Stars Hotel in Brasov
Single room= 75-90 euro/night
Double room = 90-110 euro/night
Q.Why Dentists in Romania could be so cheap having this high standard of quality ?
A.Far less costs for salary and social insurance !
Extremly low costs for renting and building rooms !
Low prices for energy !
The modern technical equipment comes from Germany, Switzerland, and the USA, but the costs for buying it are lower than in the the producing countries.
And nevertheless, here they have good conditions to finance and lease the equipment.

Q.How much money can I save?
A.Let’s take an average example. Say your dentist says you need twelve crowns or units of bridgework at 900 euros per unit. That’s a total of 10 800 euros. At  dental clinic  Dental West in Brasov-Romania hat would cost 1320 euros. If we add 10% to that to cover any extras, that is a total of 1450 euros. That would represent a huge saving of over 9350 euros on your local dentist’s price giving plenty of scope for an enjoyable stay in Brasov-Romania.

Q.How long do I have to stay in Brasov?
A.One week is normally more than enough for most crown and bridge work.
Implants require a 3 full days stay with a return visit of 10 days after about 6 months.

Q.What about the language barrier?
A.The dentists and essential support staff at Dental West speak English.
If is necessary we collaborate with a translatora.

Q. Who else goes to Romania for their dental treatment?
A. Many thousands of Italians people fly to Romania for dental treatment in addition to other thousands Germans and in fieacare an dupa intrarea Romaniei in UE, numarul turistilor din aceste tari crest.

Q. How do I pay for my treatment?
A. You can pay in Euro, RON .

Q If I want to go ahead with treatment how much notice do I need to give?
A. As much as you can but we like at least two weeks to organise appointments and accommodation.

Circuit 1 -A walk in the old Brasov – 1 day


-Black Church (org concert)
-ST. Nicolae Church and the first Romanian school
-Counsel Square – History Museum
-The Alley under Tâmpa Hill + Tâmpa Hill – take the cable-car to the top of Tâmpa Hill for a beautiful lookout.
-String Street
-Weaver’s Tower
-Ecaterina’s Gate
-White Tower
-Black Tower
-The Citadel

Romanian traditional meal:

-Sergiana restaurant
-Romanian House
-Bella Muzica
Accommodation in Brasov

Circuit 2 – Castles and fortresses outside Brasov – 1 day (30 km)

– Rasnov Fortress
– Bran Castle

Romanian traditional meal

-Gradiste Keys
-The Wolfs Inn

Accommodation in Brasov

Circuit 3 – Day Spa AquaDream in Poiana Brasov-1 day (12 km)

-going with the cable-car on the Postavarul Hill
-aqua dream at Alpin Hotel – swim
-pool, sauna

Food and accommodation at Alpin Hotel – Poiana Brasov

Circuit 4 – A tour of the monasteries situated in the North of Moldova – 2 days (350 km)

Day 1

– starting point – Brasov
– Monasteries: Varatec, Agapia, Neamt, Humor, Voronet and Neamt Fortress
Accommodation and meal at Voronet – 4 stars lodging Elena’s House

Day 2

– Monasteries: Moldovita, Sucevita, Putna, Dragomirna, Suceava Fortress
Starting point – Brasov
Romanian traditional meal
Ancuta Inn
Accommodation and meal in Brasov

Circuit 5 – Prahova Valley – mountain resorts – 1day (50 km)

Seeing the resorts: Busteni, Sinaia, Azuga, Predeal
-Peles Castle in Sinaia
Meal – Rozmarin Restaurant in Predeal
Accommodation in Brasov


Centrally located Brasov is a good starting point for trips around Romania. The city is situated at fairly equal distances from several tourism destinations in the country: the Black Sea resorts, the monasteries in northern Moldavia, and the well-preserved wooden churches of Maramures.
It is also the largest city in a mountain resorts area. The old city itself is very well preserved, and is best seen by taking the cable-car to the top of Tâmpa Hill (995 m), a beautiful lookout.
Temperatures from May to September fluctuate around 23°C / 75°F. Brasov benefits from a winter tourism season centered on winter sports and other activities. More information on:

Places to see

















BLACK TOWER WHITE TOWER RASNOV – The Rustic Fortress Bran Castle

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